DME Synthesis was first developed in the early 1980s to produce synthetic fuel in response to the oil crisis. It is manufactured from natural gas-derived methanol, or methanol derived from coal or biomass. It is a colourless and non-toxic fuel and the simplest of all ethers. The product is very clean, free of sulphur, nitrogen and metals. At present, the main application is as aerosol propellant for hair sprays. About 400 t/d are currently produced, of which about half is produced in one plant in Germany (For comparison, one modern LNG train produces about 11,500 t/d of LNG). Potentially, DME can be used as fuel for power generation turbines, diesel engines or as an LPG replacement in households, but none of these markets exists at the moment. In niche markets, DME could play a strategic role in energy supply as a substitute fuel for LNG, to replace liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or for use as transportation fuel (diesel).