GPS and NAC enhanced wireless location based services application – Locamagic.

CommunicAsia 2005 in Singapore – NAC Geographic Products
Inc. has announced that the GPS and NAC enhanced wireless location based
services application – Locamagic (
has been released to Telus Mobility of Canada.

This application is designed for all GPS cellphones to
provide address management, locating, navigating, local business searching,
cellphone tracking and friends’ location monitoring services for more than
30 countries in North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific region
(the geographic data are provided by Microsoft MapPoint Web Service).

Using the GPS capability of the cellphone, the locating
service of Locamagic provides the Universal Address (Natural Area Code)
for every spot on the earth surface so that consumers can get accurate time
and accurate location anywhere any time in the world. The Universal Address
is a highly efficient representation of an accurate location (see
with eight characters to the resolution of 30 meters and ten characters
to the resolution of 1 meter, while longitude/latitude coordinates require
more than 15 and 19 characters respectively. GPS technology makes accurate
locations available everywhere, and the Universal Address makes accurate
locations consumer-friendly: easy to remember, communicate, record, input
and display. Just like the introduction of mechanical watches that started
an era for using accurate time, the launch of Locamagic is to start a new
era for using accurate locations in the world.

‘With Locamagic running on their GPS cellphone, people
will no longer need to look around for landmarks in order to answer the question:
Where are you?’ said Dr. Xinhang Shen, president of NAC Geographic Products
Inc. ‘This is because they can directly read the Universal Address of their
location anywhere in the world from Locamagic. It is the same as time that
people can directly read from their watch without the need to check the position
of the sun. The Universal Address System generates highly efficient, language
independent, systematic and complete digital addresses for all locations
in the world to meet the needs from the globalization and digitization.’

With Locamagic, consumers can use the Universal Addresses
to represent all the fixed locations in their daily activities: houses, buildings,
gates, doors, stores, malls, restaurants, movie theaters, travel attractions,
gas stations, bus stops, railway stations, docks, airports, street intersections,
street lights, fire hydrants, sewage exits, electric wire poles, mines, wells,
etc. They can also use the Universal Addresses to represent temporary locations
such as: accidents, crimes, emergency sites, parking positions, dating/appointment
places, camping sites, fishing spots, BBQ tables, park benches, archeological
discoveries, and other temporary locations in the world.

Locamagic allows you to get Universal Addresses from street
addresses, and also get nearby street addresses from Universal Addresses.
Therefore, you will not get stuck if you don’t know the Universal Address
or the street address. You can use all kind of addresses (GPS location,
Universal Addresses, street addresses, street intersections, postcodes/ZIP,
points of interest and cities/towns) to specify locations and areas for
locating, navigating and local business searching supported by detail location
information, street maps, turn-by-turn driving directions, route maps, real-time
navigating instructions, maps and lists of nearby businesses in all categories
that a traveler needs. Using Universal Addresses instead of a street address
on Locamagic can reduce 80% of key input, avoid difficulties in inputting
foreign characters, eliminate errors from address databases, and extend
the services to all locations no matter whether there are street addresses
or not. It will also significantly reduce the cost and response time on

With your permission, the tracking service of Locamagic
can show your current and past locations in real time on an interactive map
on a desktop web browser that you friends and family can access anywhere
in the world. This will be especially useful to track a child, senior, patient,
taxi, truck, employee, animal, car, boat, airplane, skier, hiker, biker,
or other moving object.

Its friends’ monitoring service gives you even more power
in monitoring multiple moving objects with accurate maps and lists on both
your cellphone and desktop browsers so that you, your friends and your family
can see the locations of all the monitoring objects: a group of people in
driving, skiing, biking, hiking, piloting, boating, etc. It can also be
used as a vehicle tracking service for tracking taxis, trucks, ships, airplanes,

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