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Untuk suatu proses yang suspended, diperlukan prosedur untuk de-commisioning (termasuk maintenance scope) dan re-commissioning jika akan diaktifkan lagi. Apakah ada referensi/standard baku untuk hal tsb.

Suspended condition tsb biasanya juga disebut dengan Mothball, apakah ini istilah teknis yang umum ?

Tanggapan dari rekan-rekan Mailing List Migas Indonesia :

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restoto pramuharjo

Dear Nasrul,

Berikut saya coba berikan an extract from an article on the subject matter as below:

Protection of Equipment During Storage, Standby and Decommissioning:

Maintaining spares and redundant machinery in a prime state, ready for operation, can be a daunting proposition, particularly given that most of the planet is covered with a substance that tends to attack these stored and standby machines.

We call the substance water. It is vital to life, health, happiness and keeping the wheels turning in the wide world of manufacturing.

Water also has the distinct potential to wreck idle industrial machines.

Machinery can be idle from intermittent use, stand-by (redundancy), storage for spare parts, or for temporary decommissioning.

This article looks at practices that protect equipment characterized as decommissioned, short-term storage or storage of stand-by capacity.

Asset Preparation for Decommissioning Preserving or inhibiting corrosion of inactive process machinery depends on the type of equipment, expected length of inactivity and the time required to restore the equipment to service.

Petrochemical companies usually develop their standards based on such criteria.

One recent typical mothballing program for indefinite storage in a northern climate zone was planned and executed as follows and forms the basis for the author’s recommendations.

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