Chemical Safety Board Amerika pada tanggal 16 Februari menyelidiki kebakaran propane di kilang McKee, Valero Energy Corp. di Sunray, Tex. Kebakaran hebat mencederai tiga pekerja dan terpaksa fasilitas ditutup.

CSB investigators began working at the site a few days later, interviewing witnesses and examining the area where the fire began. ‘The exact mechanical failure that led to the propane release remains to be identified. Further modeling and testing of piping, valves, and flanges will be needed to determine precisely what happened,’ lead investigator Jim Lay said on Mar. 9.

He said that Valero has cooperated with the investigation and has provided drawings, written procedures, and inspection records in response to CSB’s document requests. CSB, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Valero also have entered into a written agreement to make sure relevant evidence is preserved and tested in an orderly manner, Lay said.