Operator pengembangan Norsk Hydro AS telah memulai produksi gas alam dari lahan raksaksa Ormen Lange di Norwegian continental shelf, dengan mengirim melalui pipeline Langeled. Ormen Lange akan menyalurkan sebanyak 20% dari kebutuhan gas UK.

Penulis : Uchenna Izundu

The field, expected to supply 70 million cu m/day of gas and 50,000 b/d of condensate at peak rate, will position Norway as the world’s second-largest gas exporter after Russia.
Hydro is testing production from the field in the North Sea about 120 km from the Norwegian coastline, until the inaugural ceremony on Oct. 6, so gas flows may vary.
From a depth of 800-1,100 m, the gas is transported by pipeline through demanding subsea terrain to Nyhamna on the island of Gossen in the municipality of Aukra in More and Romsdal. After being processed, the gas will be sent through the 1,200 km Langeled subsea pipeline to Easington on England’s east coast.
Norway currently is the world’s third largest gas exporter, delivering 85 billion cu m/year. When Ormen Lange reaches plateau production in 2010, total gas exports from Norway will increase to 120 billion cu m/year, or 20% of Europe’s gas requirements.
Royal Dutch Shell PLC will assume operatorship from Hydro on Dec. 1.

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