StatoilHydro telah menyetujui untuk menjual Hydro Teluk Mexico LLC kepada Mariner Energy Inc. sebesar 243 juta dolar.

Penulis : Offshore staff

The holdings include production of 9,600 boe/d plus 8.3 MMboe in reserves, says StatoilHydro. The production is all in shallow GoM waters and was acquired from Spinnaker.

‘StatoilHydro wishes to focus its strategy, operations, people and capital in the deepwater acreage where our technology and skills as the world’s largest operator of deepwater fields are most advantageous to us,’ says Øivind Reinersten, senior vice president of StatoilHydro’s North American region.

‘We will keep all deepwater leases that were associated with Spinnaker and maintain our position as the fourth largest leaseholder in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico,’ he adds.