Menteri Energi dan Industri Energi Trinidad dan Tobago, Conrad Enill telah mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan membangun kilang minyak senilai 3-4 milyar dolar disamping kilang 168,000 b/d yang ada di Pointe-a-Pierre.

Penulis : Curtis Williams

The Minister said, although the final figure is not yet in, he expects the refinery’s capacity to be in the order of 200,000 b/d.

Enill told a BG Trinidad & Tobago-sponsored luncheon the new refinery would be export oriented. ‘As a producer of approximately 150,000 b/d of oil, the country would benefit from being able to refine its own crude and convert it into saleable products for the fuels retail market,’ Enill said.

The energy minister said bottom-of-the-barrel products from state-owned Petrotrin can be utilized as feedstock for the new facility.

The government is close to hiring a contractor, Enill said, but the final figures are not in so the final cost has not yet been determined.