BPZ Energy Inc. berharap akan memulai kembali produksi dari sumur 21XD dan 14D dalam 3 minggu. Sumur di lahan Corvina offshore barat laut Peru ditunda mengikuti kecelakaan yang melibatkan tanker yang disewa BPZ.

A Peruvian Navy tanker, the Supe, caught fire and sank on Jan 30, resulting in the death of one sailor and serious injuries to four other sailors (OGJ, Feb. 11, 2008, Newsletter).

The tanker, being used for oil storage, was moored near BPZ’s CX-11 platform in Block Z-1. Consequently, platform operations were halted. The 21XD and 14D wells produced 4,200 b/d of oil when they were shut in. The platform and wells had no fire damage.

BPZ hired Clean Caribbean and Americas (CCA) to conduct an environmental damage assessment. CCA concluded most of the 1,300 bbl of oil in the tanker was burned.

Divers inspected the sunken tanker, resting in 200 ft of water. No crude oil or fuel was detected in any tanks. Tests to seawater indicated no contamination to water and marine life.

BPZ of Houston is an exploration and production company having exclusive license contracts for 2.4 million acres in four properties in northwest Peru. It also owns a minority working interest in a producing property in southwest Ecuador.

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