Permintaan biofuels dunia diharapkan akan berkembang 19.5%/tahun dengan 92 juta ton pada tahun 2011 meskipun keprihatinan mengenai pengaruh biofuel pada lingkungan dan penyuplaian makanan, kata Freedonia Group Inc. melaporkan.

The Cleveland market research firm said 2006 world biofuels demand was 37.7 million tonnes, and that the annual growth rate was 19.9% during 2001-06.

Future market expansion will come from a more than doubling of ethanol demand and even faster increases in global biodiesel demand. Other biofuels also will experience strong growth but at a slower pace than ethanol or biodiesel, Freedonia said.

The annual growth rate for biofuels demand from 2006-11 is forecast at 35.3% in Asia Pacific, 22.1% in Western Europe, and 19.5% across North America. In terms of absolute gains in expanding biofuels demand, North America will be the leader, Freedonia said.