Ekspor LNG Indonesia akan naik 6.2% tahun ini yang disebabkan produksi gas alam Indonesia yang meningkat.

Penulis : Eric Watkins

Iin Arifin Takhyan, vice-president of state-owned PT Pertamina, said Indonesia would export 22.1 million tonnes of LNG this year, up 1.3 million tonnes over last year’s 20.8 million tonnes.

‘Of the total 22.1 million tonnes, 19.6 will come from Bontang and the remainder [2.5 million tonnes] will come from Arun,’ Iin said.

Last year, Arun produced 2.8 million tonnes of LNG and Bontang produced 18 million tonnes. All of the output was exported to meet the country’s export commitment of 24 million tonnes/year until 2010.

Iin ascribed the increased export potential partly to Total SA, which has increased gas production at its Mahakam Block in East Kalimantan and stepped up its supplies to the Bonang facility.

Total last year announced the discovery of two new gas reserves on the Mahakam block, saying the discovery had strengthened the block’s potential to produce gas.

Indonesia failed to meet its export commitment in the past few years because of the decline in the country’s gas production, due mostly to aging fields.

However, in a recent deal with Japanese buyers, Indonesia agreed to deliver 3 million tonnes/year of gas for 5 years after the current export contract expires in 2010 and 2 million tonnes/year for the 5 years after that (OGJ, Apr. 7, 2008, Newsletter).

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