StatoilHydro telah menemukan gas selama eksplorasi pengeboran di lisensi produksi 348 di Norwegian Sea barat laut Kristiansund. Sumur penemuan 6407/8-4 S berlokasi 30 km (19 mi) di timur laut lahan Njord dan 9 km (5 mi) barat laut lahan Draugen.

Penulis : Offshore staff

The well has confirmed the existence of gas in Jurassic sandstone. The size of the discovery has not been determined, and a sidetrack well will be drilled right after the current well has been completed to further identify the area.

West Alpha drilled the exploration in 266 m (872 ft) of water to a vertical depth of 2,632 m (8,635 ft).

‘The purpose of the well was to confirm the existence of hydrocarbons in mid/lower Jurassic rocks in the southern segment of the Galtvort prospect,’ says Ørjan Birkeland, StatoilHydro’s VP for infrastructure-led exploration in the North. ‘It is very positive that we again strike hydrocarbons in these areas where finds can quickly be put onstream.’