Titan Technologies International telah memperkenalkan AquaTite subsea tensioner system.

Penulis : Offshore Staff

The system allows pressurizing fluid to be individually released from each subsea tensioner locally back into the sea. This allows the springs to quickly and easily return the piston. The product also uses dematerialized water as its hydraulic fluid instead of hydraulic oil.

According to Titan, the AquaTite system is 100% environmentally friendly and pollutant free. It also has a built in stroke limiter on each tensioner to avoid possible over stroking and seal extrusions.

Releasing the water locally into the environment allows the system’s springs to retract the piston and the tensioner to take successive strokes. The piston is returned by the springs by opening a valve on the tensioner.

The Titan AquaTite features an environmental seal to stop the ingress of sand and mud into the piston return spring mechanism. This feature ensures performance in demanding water conditions, including areas where silt presents a problem, such as the Gulf of Mexico, according to Titan.

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