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Groveley Detection telah menyediakan lebih dari 700 detektor gas baru untuk pemeriksaan keselamatan dan sistem kontrol BP di platform minyak dan gas Bruce di North Sea. Perusahaan menyediakan 70 unit per bulan dari Juni 2007, bersama dengan adaptor plate untuk mencocokkan detektor baru ke susunan yang ada.

Penulis : Offshore Staff

The new detectors – Simtronics GD10P solid state, infra-red units – replaced catalytic detectors. They detect hydrocarbon gases with failsafe infrared sensors that need no calibration or servicing during their lifetime. The unit performs self-diagnostic and calibration tests and gives a clear warning if a malfunction is detected, without giving a false gas alarm.

The GD10P’s infrared source is a silicon-based component that lasts up to 60 years – unlike normal infrared lamps that survive only 3-4 years. Its SimSource is not affected by vibration.

The BP delivery is Groveley’s largest-ever order for Simtronics equipment, for which it is the sole UK distributor.


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