DONG Energy telah mengumumkan rencana pengembangan untuk lahan Nini East, yang mana adalah bagian dari lisensi Nini. Danish Energy Authority menyetujui rencana untuk pengembangan dan pengoperasian pada bulan Februari.

Penulis : Offshore Staff

The development calls for the construction and installation of unmanned satellite production platform. Produced oil will be sent from Nini East via Nini to the Siri platform for further treatment and shipping.

DONG has signed contracts with Acergy for the pipelines and with Bladt Industries for the platform. Nini East has estimated reserves of approximately 17 MMbbl of oil.

First production is expected by the end of 2009.

‘With the Nini East development we expect to be able to keep producing from the field maybe even until 2020,’ says Søren Gath Hansen, DONG Energy’s executive VP responsible for the exploration and production activities. ‘This means that we once again have added years to the lifespan of Siri, originally estimated to 2007.’