Pemerintah Malta telah menyetujui program pengerjaan 2009 yang diusulkan PLC Mediterranean Oil & Gas bersama parner joint venturenya Leni Gas & Oil PLC.

Penulis : Uchenna Izundu

The companies signed a production-sharing contract with the government that covers Area 4, Blocks 4, 5, 6, and 7 off Malta. They will spend $2.5 million to gather electromagnetic and gravity data, reprocess 3D seismic, and acquire and interpret nonseismic data to enhance their understanding of the four prospects and five leads on their acreage.

The first well is expected to be drilled in 2010-11 in southern Malta.

The PSC covers 5,700 sq km. The JV estimates that there are 5 billion bbl of oil in place, with 1,475 million bbl recoverable.

David Lenigas, Leni Gas & Oil’s executive chairman, said: ‘The previous technical assessment on the Malta acreage showed very encouraging results and several high value prospects and leads.’