SINTEF Petroleum Research dan Hitec Products Drilling mendirikan sebuah perusahaan baru yang bertujuan untuk memperbaiki efisiensi offshore pengeboran dan pengoperasian sumur, kata perusahaan.

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The new company, named eDrilling Systems, will offer drilling and well operations software. The company will have offices in Stavanger and Bergen, and expects soon to be employing ten people.

The company’s first product will be the ‘eDrilling’ software package, a complete system for simulating, monitoring, and visualizing drilling operations in 3D and in real time.

eDrilling has been jointly developed by SINTEF Petroleum Research and Hitec Products Drilling (HPD). The system is made up of a series of separate modules that SINTEF has developed to calculate what is taking place in the wellbore during drilling.

The new company will also commercialize eDrilling–related products, several of which are already being developed by the company’s founders, SINTEF says

The company’s first two employees will be Rolv Rommetveit and Sven Inge ØdegÃ¥rd, who have both played central roles in the development of the eDrilling software package.

Until now, Rommetveit has been research director at SINTEF Petroleum Research in Bergen, while Ødegård has been business development manager with HPD.