Kern River Gas Transmission Co. menyerahkan Gulf Interstate Engineering Co. kontrak untuk melakukan engineering services terperinci di fasilitas kompresi bergabung dengan Apex Expansion Projectnya.

Penulis : Christopher E. Smith

The project entails adding 78,000 hp of incremental compression at one new and three existing compressor stations, and replacing a compressor unit at one station.

Gulf will provide detailed engineering services for a new turbine-driven compressor and ancillary equipment at the grass-roots Milford Compressor Station in Utah; additional compression at Coyote Creek Compressor Station in Wyoming, Elberta Compressor Station in Utah, and Dry Lake Compressor Station in Nevada; and replacement of a compressor unit at Fillmore Compressor Station in Utah.

Kern expects the Apex Expansion Project to enter service Nov. 1, 2011.

Kern began work on the Muddy Creek Compressor Station and other components of its 2010 Expansion this summer to meet a scheduled in-service date of Nov. 1, 2010. The 2010 Expansion, consisting primarily of additional compression and metering at existing stations, will add roughly 145 MMcfd to Kern’s system, boosting design capacity to 1.9 bcfd.