Pemerintah Rumania berharap akan menandatangani kemitraan dengan Azerbaijan dan Georgia bulan depan yang akan memungkinkan gas alam akan disalurkan dari Azerbaijan ke Rumania melalui Georgia.

Penulis : Eric Watkins

“In 5 years’ time, Romania will become an energy hub in its geographical region thanks to this project,’ said Tudor Serban, secretary of state for Romania’s ministry of economy, commerce, and business milieu.

“For the time being, there are partnerships concluded with both countries,” Serban said, adding that a joint-stock company called AGIR also will be established by the three countries’ state oil firms.

Meanwhile, Romania also plans to hold talks with Russia’s OAO Gazprom in March on the setting up of a joint venture for the construction of underground gas storage facilities.

“In March, Gazprom will send specialists to the country to appraise the land plots to be offered by Romania,” said Marcel Adrian Piteiu, the general manager of Romania’s state-owned Romgaz, following talks with Gazprom Deputy Chief Executive Alexander Medvedev.

Earlier, Romanian Minister of Economy, Trade, and Business Environment Adriean Videanu said construction of the gas storage facilities would make it possible to create 5-6 billion cu m of reserves in his country.

Medvedev said the joint venture will be created when Romania finds a suitable plot of land to implement the project. The two sides originally announced the plans to start joint construction of underground gas storage facilities in 2009.