Reliance Industries Ltd., Mumbai, melaporkan penemuan minyak keempat di sumur ke 14 nya di blok CB-ONN-2003/1 di Cambay basin India.

The CB10A-F1 well went to 1,605 m in Part A of the block and flowed 300 b/d of oil with 250 psi flowing tubing head pressure on a 6-mm bean from the Miocene Basal Sand of the Babaguru formation at 1,397-1,400 m.

Reliance also identified hydrocarbons at 1,378-82 m in the same formation but didn’t test that interval.

The block is 130 km southwest of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Parts A and B of the block total 635 sq km. RIL has 3D seismic over 80% of the block and 2D over its entirety. Ten of the 14 wells are in Part A. Reliance holds 100% interest.

RIL said it notified India’s Directorate General of Hydrocarbons of the discovery, named Dhirubhai-47, and is working to assess its commerciality.

Exploratory drilling continues. The company has identified several more prospects with upside potential at different stratigraphic levels based on interpretation of the 3D seismic.