El Paso Corp. mengumumkan pada 2 Agustus bahwa Ruby Pipeline Project telah menerima izin dari Federal Energy Regulatory Commission US untuk memulai konstruksi. Ruby akan memperpanjang 680 mil, dengan menggunakan 42-in. OD line pipa dan empat compressor stations untuk transport gas alam dari pusat penyuplaian yang ada di Opal, Wyo., dengan interkoneksi dekat Malin, Ore. Kapasitas design awal adalah 1.5 bcfd.

Penulis : Christopher E. Smith

In April Ruby received FERC approval of its application of public convenience and necessity for the project (OGJ Online, Apr. 7, 2010). The most recent approval recognizes that all required permits and approvals have been granted, including those pertaining to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and that El Paso may now being line construction. Ruby received its US Bureau of Land Management right-of-way grant July 13.

El Paso began construction of the pipeline July 31, and anticipates having it in service March 2011

El Paso has entered into agreements with Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), whereby GIP will invest up to $700 million in the Ruby project. Upon satisfaction of various closing conditions, GIP will then acquire a 50% equity interest in the project.