Ocean Guardian milik Diamond Offshore telah men’spud’ sumur eksplorasi Dawn/Jacinta 25/5-1 untuk Desire Petroleum di North Falkland basin.

Penulis : Offshore staff

The located is in offshore Tranche I, where Desire has a 100% interest.

The well targets structures at two levels. Jacinta is a Lower Cretaceous stratigraphic sand pinch out trap with a TD of around 1,000 m (3,281 ft). Dawn, which is deeper-lying, is a three-way dip, fault bounded closure with a target depth of around 1,350 m (4,429 ft).

Desire says the well, which has an overall TD target of around 1,670 m (5,479 ft), should take 30 days to complete.

In the same region, the Polarcus Nadia has started work on a new 3D seismic acquisition program under a joint survey with Rockhopper. Operations should be completed by end-April.

Desire’s part of the program will lead to full 3D seismic coverage over the prospective East Flank Play Fairway on the company’s acreage. Only around 40% of this play is currently covered by 3D data within its operated licences.

The new 3D seismic will help identify and map the target sands in this play. The priority area is in the north east of Tranche D. Desire adds that the existing 3D survey will be reprocessed and merged with the new data to provide consistent, high quality 3D data over the entire play fairway on its acreage.

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