Dua kapal seismic Ramform generasi kelima akan dibangun di Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. untuk PGS yang akan dibangun untuk kelas DNV.

DNV says it is to class the vessels with advanced verification works including hydrodynamics analysis required by extreme principle dimensions and FMEA required by RP notation. The new “Ramform-W” vessels will have class notation +1A1, SPS, ICE-C, E0, HELDK, RP, CLEAN DESIGN,TMON, BIS, NAUT-AW, VIBR, COMF-C(3)V(3).

The Ramform W-class is 104 m (341 ft) long and 70 m (230 ft) wide with a diesel electric main propulsion system for quiet operation and Evotec back-deck system.

“These new generation series are developed in much bigger size compared to the previous Ramform series,” says ENV manager Johan Tutturen. “One of the main reasons to develop the new Ramform design in wider hull form was to increase the stability and results of PGS’s model tests on these new hull shape prove that these new design give better stability compared to the previous Ramform series.”

Sumber: www.offshore-mag.com