Dear Miliser and administrator

Due to speeding our project schedule that will commencing very soon, we are require the persons to fill as below state:
A.Welding Inpector (2 persons):
1.       Verify all welding parameters performed are per the approved welding procedure specification (WPS).
2.       Assure that all welding filler material is issued, stored per the Project Welding Program
3.       Possess an in depth knowledge of all welding, thermal cutting and pre-heat / post weld heat treatment  activities related to the project.
4.       Assists in the preparation of field design change sketches.
5.       Able to obtain the project NDE Level II (VT) certification and in one or more of the following NDE methods; PT, MT & RT.

6.    Assist the NDE or PWHT subcontractor in identifying and/or locating weldments which are required to undergo NDE or PWH.

7.    etc.

B. Surveyor or Layout Men (6 Persons)
1.       Oversees Survey Field layout men.
2.       Records field data in a field book or electronic data collector performs mathematical computations and the reduction of survey notes. 
3.       Manages field related tasks from beginning of project through completion
4.       Performs complex survey measurements and computations including field note reduction
5.       Work with survey crews by marking measuring points, carrying and setting stakes and clearing area within survey line.
6.       May perform related clerical duties in a field engineering office such as keeping records of parts lists; compiling routine data, and cross checking various code numbers.
7.       Assists in the preparation of field design change sketches and survey maps.
8.       Assist the field supervisor with all aspects of the daily crew workload.
9.       Work in a safe manner and obey all safety regulations.
10.  etc

C. Site / Office Engineers
1.       Assists construction superintendents in planning and assembling of work packages using the proper construction methods and procedures.  Coordinates and resolves engineering or construction problems with superintendents as required ensuring the work packages are clearly understandable.
2.       Establishes procedures on testing of piping systems.  Responsible for the development of pneumatic and hydro-test packages and responsible for verifying and witnessing acceptance of tests.
3.       Performs inspections of all piping work in progress on a continuing basis, witnesses tests and completes final P&ID check prior to turnover.   Develops punch lists and monitors completion of punch items.  Assists in securing the necessary client acceptance documentation for record.  Prepares and has full responsibility for managing piping QC records to ensure that they are fully completed and properly submitted in a timely manner to Document Control.
4.   Etc.

1. To be base Batam;
2. Preferable Batam domicile;
3. Have been experienced with LNG Module or at least on oil and gas fabrication yard.

< div>The person who interest, please pass your CV through email below: