Dear All,

We are looking candidates for Commissioning Supervisor Position (Work Location: Cilegon). The requirement as below:

1. Precommissioning Experience (flushing, air blow, steam blow, chemical cleaning, Pump test run, Compressor test run, tightness test, inerting, etc)
2. Start-up and Operation Experience
3. Butadiene Extraction Unit Start-up & Operation Experience

Other Requirement:

(1)  Reporting to Commissioning SI.
(2)  Responsibility for total understanding and execution the activity in charge.
(3)  Supervising and control workers for the activity in charge.
(4)  Coordination with Owner, vendors, sub-contractors and related disciplines to execute Precommissioning and Commissioning Activities.
(5)  Developing detailed method statements for each Precommissioning and Commissioning activities in accordance with Commissioning Manual.
(6)  Create safe condition for Construction PTW and Commissioning PTW as per instruction from Commissioning Manager, Commissioning SI and Safety Engineer.
(7)  Execution and required coordination of the following major activities during Precommissioning and Commissioning period and prepare punch list/exception list for Mechanical Completion and Ready for Start Up.
(a)    Line cleaning with air blow, water flushing, steam blow and chemical cleaning.
(b)    Run-in of rotating equipment by benign fluid
(c)    System Tightness Test
(d)     Operational DCS Sequence and Emergency Shutdown Testing
(e)    (Dry out operation of furnace refractory)
(f) System Drying with IA or N2
(g)     Punch listing before Mechanical Completion / RFSU
(h)    Completion of Dossiers before Mechanical Completion / RFSU
(i)  Coordination of Vendors and Licensors schedule / activity
(j)   Plans and Schedules Update
(k)     Coordination with Safety Engineers
(l)   Updating of Site Safety Plan for Precommissioning/Commissioning
(m)   Witness/Perform Test Runs
(n)    Confirmation of Reinstatement of Piping Systems
(o)    Checking Insulation and Tracing
(p)    Alarm and Trip Checks
(q)    System Inerting
(r)    Fire fighting systems Commissioning
(s)  Chemical loading
(t)    DCS Panel Operation during start-up, load-up and performance test
(u)    Plant Operation at local during start-up, load-up and performance test

Maintenance and preservation.

Kindly send your CV with Expected Salary and recent photograph to this following email:

Please also mention your subject email as: “COMMISSIONING SPV”.

Thank you very much.