I got the enclosed three job opportunities  from Mr. Hasan M. Soedjono:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
2.  Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
 3. R&D Manager.

As you may know, Mr. Soedjono received his MBA from Harvard Business School.
He currently manages several companies in Indonesia and Singapore

If you are interested in the enclosed job opportunities, please send your English cover letter and CV/resume in pdf to:

1. Mr. Hasan M. Soedjono
2. Ms. Aswita Hasril 
 Director of Human Resources and Corporate Culture,
In your cover letter, briefly describe your experience and qualification.
Please also explain why the company described below needs to hire you.
You are welcome to mention my name when sending your application to them.

Please do NOT apply unless you meet the requirements described below.
Good luck,

Ahmad Syamil
Arkansas State University