With over 30 years’ experience, Air Energi are the premier supplier of trusted expertise to the oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Manchester UK, Air Energi has regional hubs in Houston, Doha, Singapore and Brisbane.

We have offices in 35 locations worldwide, experience of supply for 50 countries worldwide, and through our company values: Safe, knowledgeable, innovative, passionate, inclusive, and pragmatism, WE DELIVER, each and every time.

At the moment we are supporting a multinational OCTG processing operation in seeking of below positions:

1.       QA System Coordinator

  • Coordinates Quality System development in plant, directing the implementation of specifications and quality norms. Administers complaints regarding non-conformities and provides quality process information in support of decision making.
  • Develops the necessary procedures, instructions and specifications to ensure Quality System conformity.
  • Coordinates and organizes the execution of internal and external audits according to established requisitions based on international standards.
  • Updates Quality System, maintenance procedures and documentation of quality standards. Administers complaints regarding non-conformities.

2.   Pipe Yard Coordinator / Product Warehouse Coordinator

  • Coordinates and controls warehouse activities addressing the needs of regional warehouses, export shipments and/or oil companies.
  • Runs and manages the warehouse operation monitoring logistics for the return of pipes to the main warehouse.
  • Controls delivery orders/schedules issuing status reports, checking its balance, order receipt date, and amount of pipe ordered and delivered.
  • Fulfils shipment orders received defining schedules both in domestic and export markets.
  • Responsible for the proper receipt and stowage of products.

3.       Customer Assistant Coordinator

  • Coordinates and ensures the technical assistance services provided to internal and external clients during the production process. Ensures customers satisfaction regarding product quality and services provided.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction regarding product quality and services provided.
  • Administers and controls the internal follow-up regarding non-conformities, ensuring special requirements of the customer are met.
  • Provides technical assistance, communication and personal assessment to the customer. Provides detailed explanation of the production process and order progress whenever necessary
  • Analyses customer requirements documentation and initiates investigation into areas of customer concern

4.   Verification & Control Inspector

  • Performs the inspection of the product quality control process, ensuring quality verification along the whole productive process and on third parties material.
  • Performs the inspection of the product verification and quality control process according to established procedures
  • Verifies that the products comply with required tests and quality inspections. Prepares corresponding reports accordingly.
  • Performs non-programmed audits to control compliance of norm requisitions and the customer’s special conditions

5.       Mill Product & Metallurgy Engineer

  • Analyzes the plant’s production processes, ensuring front end requisition compliance, production quality and defined testing compliance. Supports the improvement of production cycles and provides qualification of new products or existing ones
  • Provides technical insight and support to ensure the compliance of front end requirements
  • Serves as a liaison between the sales area and operation specialists
  • Provides assistance in the definition of process limitations, production tolerance and capacity of products
  • Makes recommendations to improve the production cycles and provides input in the development of new products
  • Authorizes the recovery of downgraded material

If you have the required experience and would like the opportunity to join with us, please email your application to:
indonesia.recruitment(at)airenergi.com *change (at) with @